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By Weslee Blakeslee (Leadership Training School Student)

Scripture: “How enriched you are when you crave righteousness! For you will be surrounded with fruitfulness.” (Matthew 5:6 TPT)

Observation: Notice when you crave righteousness fruit will come. This is not a “maybe” This is a promise, you shall receive fruit from your hunger. Enriched, in other words, means you will be enhanced by His glory! From the scripture we can see being fruitful or having fruit comes with a passion. You have to crave righteousness, seek it out and you shall find it.

Application: Take some time to eat the scroll today. Be curious and dive deep into God’s word. Let the word transform you. The fruit will come from within you. Crave His presence today, let the Holy Spirit guide you to righteousness. Be humble and generous with the fruit you receive. Lead others to Christ today by your passionate desire to know All Mighty God! Play some worship music and/or meditate. Listen for the still small voice. Take time throughout your day to acknowledge God and pray. Then be patient and enjoy the harvest of abundant fruit in your life.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for a new day. As I go through today I ask for guidance today to lead me to You. Help me to indulge in curiosity and wonder. Lord help me to seek You in everything that I do. Lord increase my passion; for I want to see Your face, hear Your voice, and be saturated in Your presence. Help me to learn from Your living word and be an example to those around me. Allow me to be humble while pursuing You and generous with the fruit You abundantly provide. To You be the glory forever and ever . AMEN