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By Morgan Daniels (Leadership Training School Student)

Psalm 62:5 For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is in him

We see that David is writing this Psalm about how he waits for God in silence. But how do we pertain this to our life, your life? It’s simple, we can follow in what David did. We don’t just sit and wait for God to speak but we also refresh our HOPE in Him. It also doesn’t stop at just waiting in silence. It’s silent expectancy, silence with a purpose. We know that when we sit in silence before our God He will move, He will not disappoint us in that time.

So with that when we do pray, take a minute in silence, silent expectancy. For God to respond to your prayer. Because yeah praying is fun and talking to God is fun, but do you truly set aside time to hear what He wants to say in return?

God thank You. Thank You that you’ve given us the opportunity to be in communion with You. To pray with You, and to hear Your voice. God help us when we are silent before You to truly expect You to move or speak to us. Reveal that in our hearts. Jesus we love what You are doing in this place. (I encourage you to set a timer for a least a minute and just sit in silent expectancy before the Lord)